WASC Reaccreditation

Timeline for UCR Reaccreditation

  • In March of 2010 WASC reaffirmed UCR's accreditation for a further ten years. See WASC commission's letter to Chancellor White.
    • In the spring of 2015 UCR will submit a Mid-Cycle Review. The submission of Mid-Cycle Reviews was instituted as a WASC policy in 2014 and the review document(s) will focus on student achievement, drawing at least in part on institutional data.
    • In the fall of 2015 UCR will submit and Interim Report, focusing on assessment of student learning (at both graduate and undergraduate level) and UCR's long term strategic goals.
  • Many of the specific dates for the next accreditation cycle have yet to be set, but some of the milestones include:
    • The submission of the Institutional Proposal in January 2017
    • Prior to the start of 2019-20 academic year all of WASC's five core competencies must be assessed and all departments must have assessed all of their student learning outcomes at least once. (See Learning Outcomes Assessment.)
    • The off site review in April 2018
    • The on site review in October 2018

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